Weekly Weigh in

In order to hit my 4stoneby2012 target, I should be showing a 2stone total loss by today.

That hasn't happened.

I weighed this morning and I had


I’m not completely surprised by it, though. I haven’t really stuck to the diet this week, and I’ve had horrible constipation, too – I don’t think I’ve really been to the toilet since Sunday (Am I taking the sharing too far with that information?!).

I’ve also managed to (sort of) convince myself that I’m pregnant. Until this morning, Fertility Friend was telling me that I was 18DPO, with a temp that was steadily increasing. Mr B and I had decided that we’d wait until I was home from visiting my mum before we tested. That’s on Sunday, so I’m waiting till then.

This morning, though, fertility friend changed my ov date to 4 days ago, which means I’m now 4DPO, with little chance of actually getting a BFP because we haven’t really DTD this week. I’m still going to test on Sunday, though, and see how I get on.

I’m probably not going to be great today and tomorrow because I’m at mum’s, so once I know what the deal is cycle wise, I will get back on it with the diet. I still have just enough time to get to the 4stonby 2012 target if I’m super good, super focussed and super active.

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