It's not like you've got children to worry about...

First off, sorry for being a quiet last week - don't really know why, just didn't really have much to say, I guess.

Two of my friends are leaving the UK to go travelling at the beginning of September. They'll be gone for a year, and will visit Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Australia. It's going to be an amazing adventure for them both.

On Friday they had their work leaving do (not only are they a couple, they're stupid enough to work together, too!), and invited me along. I wasn't too keen on going, as I haven't seen most of my old colleagues since I left at Christmas, but knew if I didn't go on Friday, there was little chance of me seeing them before they left.

In all, it wasn't too bad - it reminded me that the majority of the people I worked with were (are) absolute idiots, and also reminded me that I could do better work-wise, but other than that, it was fine, and quite nice to catch up with some of them.

As I was leaving, though, my old manager (who actually doesn't work there anymore because she left to have children, but is married to one of the directors) expressed how jealous she was of our travelling friends. "I'd love to go and see the world, but we've got the kids now", she said, looking all sorry for herself. "Why don't you and Mr B go, though? It's not like you've got children to worry about or anything".

I floundered about a bit, and told her that travelling for a year just didn't interest me (it doesn't) and that I couldn't think of anything worse (I can't) but good luck to those that want to do it.

But her comment stung a bit. Especially considering that she's someone that I had quite a few conversations with about my wanting children and the difficulties facing us in getting them. AND knowing that she herself had to have IVF to get her children made it feel a bit weird, too - they chose to have the treatments they had to have their children, so why then look so downcast about now being tied to the UK  and not being able to travel the way she'd like?

It didn't much make sense.

But, I wish my travelling friends all the best for their adventure. I will miss them both, but can't wait to read all about their adventures along the way.

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  1. Ouch that was such a hurtful thing to say! Somehow the insensitive comments from those who have been through infertility hurt the worst - I'm not sure why :(