Whoop whoop!

I weighed in on Friday and I'd gained 4lbs. I completely understood why (I'd gone on a bit of a carb binge!), but was disappointed none the less.

I knew the weekend was going to be tough because mum was here, so "wrote off" Saturday as a bad day, and got back on the wagon on Sunday.

I sneakily weighed in when I got home from work this evening, and was over the moon to find that, at 5pm on Monday I weighed exactly the same as I'd weighed at 6.45am on Friday, despite the naughties that I ate on Friday and Saturday.

So, I'm positive that if I keep on track I can lose the 4lbs I gained last week, and maybe even a bit more.

I learnt some good lessons by having a blow out, though:

  • When I'm good, the weight comes off relatively easily, but when I'm naughty, even a little bit, it goes on really easily.
  • When I stick at it, I feel MUCH better. I've been less bloated and sluggish, and I feel "lighter" today than I did yesterday / Saturday.
  • If I stick at it, I can lose weight.
Lessons learnt, and resolve found!

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