Weekly Weigh In

Another week has passed, and I wasn't too sure how I'd done with the diet. I've been fairly good, but AF was here, so I'm feeling pretty bloated and rubbish.

I did have a little personal victory yesterday, though - we had a company wide lunchtime meeting yesterday, and there was a delicious, free BBQ lunch. And I resisted. Instead, I had my cup a soup, apple, and yoghurt. Surrounded by people tucking into burgers, sausages, creamy coleslaw, chicken drumsticks and potatoes, it was a bit like torture!

But, weigh in this morning made it all worth it:


That puts me at 10lbs in 5 weeks.

I have 4 more pounds to lose until I've done a stone and I get to treat myself.

I just need to decide what to - a massage, some shoes or a manicure? What do you reckon?!

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