I'd like to thank....

I don't think I (or my blog!) particularly qualify as stylish, but I'll take it!

There are rules to the award, though, and they are:

Rule 1 : thank the person who gave you the award, and link their blog in your post.

Big thanks to Helen at Raindrops and Roses for my first award!

Rule 2 : tell 7 things about yourself

OK, not sure what you'll all want to know, but here goes nothing!

1. This year Mr B and I will have been together 10 years.

2. My biggest ambition is to be a mummy.

3. I love spending time with my family.

4. Dirty Dancing is my favourite film.

5. I think there's something weirdly attractive about Tom Selleck.

6. I can lose hours with my nose in a book.

7. I can't resist a nice handbag! Rule 3 : Pass the award on to 15 deserved bloggers.

I love reading all of these blogs, and they definitely deserve this award!

An Experiment in Normality

Juliana at Juliana's PCOS journey

Kaitlin at Ah, My Married Life

The Sassy Infertile Lady

Jenna at Among the Blossoms

Michelle at No, I'm not fat, I'm pregnant

Nowhere near 15, but I tried!

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