Big Week!

I know it's only Monday, but already this week feels like it's going to be a mammoth one!

After last week's phone call about the job that's right up my street I had a phone call on Friday asking me to attend an interview on Wednesday morning .

I'm already off work on Thursday (more on that in a moment), so can't really take another day off this week. Instead, I'm going to pull my first ever sicky! Let me clarify: I have never pretended to be sick in order to take the day off work. I may have exagerrated how sick I was and stayed off when I could actually have gone into the office, but I've never out and out lied about being ill when I wasn't.

The only way I'm able to justify it is by telling myself that, if I don't take the day off for the interview, I might end up making myself ill mentally anyway, and then I'll have to have a whole lot more time off!

Anyway, that's exciting.

And then I'm off work on Thursday, too, because my mum has an operation. Mr B and I are off to sit with her for the day, worry about her while she's in theatre and mock her when she comes back to the ward in a woozy state.

Finger's crossed that everything goes well and to plan!

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