This Beautiful Life...

I love reading Jenna's blog - she often has me giggling away to my computer screen - and I thought that This Beautiful Life was a lush idea and I wanted to get in on the act!

The idea behind it is celebrate something that makes you happy - big or small - and remember that not everything's bad or negative.

So this post is dedicated to PHOTOS

I love everything about them - taking them, looking at them, printing them, framing them - everything!

I love that they capture a single moment that can evoke so many different emotions, feelings and memories. That they give you a snapshot to a time past, with loved ones that maybe aren't around any more.

I remember getting my first camera when my brother was a baby, so I was probably 6. I don't think there's ever been a time since that I haven't had a camera. I've always been the "snap-happy" friend - the one that you could rely on having a camera with them for a night out. I loved sending film off to be developed, not quite knowing what the outcome would be. Or finding a used film at the back of a drawer that hadn't been developed yet.

But digital cameras have made photos even better - the only limit to the amount you take is down to your memory card, not how many exposures you have on a film.

I wish I took better photos. Having said that, though, I'm pretty happy with the ones I do take!

Here are a selection of my faves:

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