Well, they're a couple of days I don't care to repeat any time soon!

Yesterday's interview seemed to go ok (incidentally, so did the calling in sick, thing!). The interviewer didn't really give much away, so I'm not sure what he thought, but I came away thinking I'd done as well as I could. Having said that, I'm not holding my breath because they had an internal applicant. Something tells me the job's more likely to go to them rather than any of the 4 external people they've interviewed.

Either way, I find out in a fortnight, when he's back from his jolly-days.

Then, we had the added stress of mum's operation. When I spoke to her last night, she was unsure whether the op was going to go ahead today as there was a bed shortage at the hospital. BUT she called me at 6.20 this morning to tell me that it was all systems go.

So, Mr B and I headed straight to Northampton to be with her. Unfortunately, we weren't able to sit with her on the ward (despite her asking only last week and being told it was ok...!), so we all had to stay in a family room (which was, basically, a storage room where they'd shoved a few chairs for us!). They told her she'd go down for surgery at around noon, but it wasn't until 2pm that they wheeled her away.

I had a few tears, but then we needed to leave - they told us she'd be in theatre for a good three hours and we needed to get home. But, I had a phone call from her at 5pm this evening - she was back on the ward and groggy, but otherwise fine.

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