Sex Dreams

I'm not gonna lie, I quite enjoy them.

They're usually a rare occurance and spice up my otherwise just plain weird dreams. They rarely involve Mr B, which means I get to have sex with a stranger and feel absolutely no guilt (I can't control my subconscious mind, so it can't be held against me!)

Mostly they involve super buff but faceless bits of stuff, other times it's famous people (HELLO Richie Sambora / Johnny Depp / Gary Barlow? !!!).

In the past two weeks, though, I've had some sort of sex dream EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. And always with people that I went to school with.
Guys that I haven't seen for more than 10 years. I'm not even Facebook friends with some of them. I never fancied any of them while we were at school (OK, OK, maybe one of them, I did!). And I certainly didn't go out with any of them.

It's totally random and getting a little bit frustrating, too. Last night's dream didn't actually culminate in doing the deed, but was more the Hollywood movie sneaking-around-behind-our-friends-backs, stolen glances kinda crap that you KNOW is going to end up in a steamy bedroom scene at the end of the film.


Subconscious, if you're going to give me sex dreams with these people, PLEASE make them good. Make sure I actually get to have sex. Make sure I'm looking super hot, my bikini line is waxed to within an inch of it's life, and it's the best sex they've ever had. Oh, and bring back Faceless Hunk (or Mr B, at least!) - get rid of my school friends!

If you can't do that, give me back the weird-ass dreams about juggling oranges. At least that made me laugh...


  1. Oh thank God I'm not the only person who has these.

    I dream about making out with co-workers (one night I dreamed I used my hand on one, that one was wee bit too graphic for my taste) and lots of times I just have random sex in my dreams.

    Phew! That felt so good to get out there! :)

  2. It's like a weight lifting from your shoulders, isn't it!?

    I think everyone has them - they just might not be able to remember.
    Last night's was a bit... weird... I was actually two people... Think that's thanks to reading The Host by Stephanie Meyer in bed, though!!