If I knew then, what I know now...

  • I would cherish the days that I finished school at 3.30 - if only I'd realised that was still the middle of the afternoon when I got to work!
  • I wouldn't worry that I was wearing size 14 jeans - if only I'd realised that in ten years time I'd give anything to wear those size 14's again!
  • I would've listened to my mum - if only I'd realised what a massive impact PCOS would have on my life when I was diagnosed.
  • I would've joined a gym sooner - if only I'd realised how unfit I'd end up, maybe I could've stopped it getting so bad.
  • I would enjoy the times with my friends that little bit more - if only I'd realised that they wouldn't all make the effort to stay in touch like I did with them.

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