Baby Brain

No, this isn't an announcement about an exciting BFP.

Far from it.

More of a realisation that another year has passed without sight or sound of a baby for Mr and Mrs B.

And it seems to be taking over every waking moment. Even this morning as I was cleaning in the spare room, I was mentally working out how I'd need to change the room around to fit in a cot. Or I lay in bed at night wondering whether a moses basket would fit in there, or would we need to get rid of some of our furniture?

It's become a bit of an obsession for me - again.

I go through phases like this. I can go months without ever really thinking about the baby thing. Other times, it's all I can think about, and as though everything I'm doing is aimed at us having a Baby B to call our own.

Usually, these obsessive periods are triggered by something - a friend or colleague getting pregnant or having a baby - but nothing like that's happened this time. Although some of my thoughts do centre around which of my friends will be pregnant before me.

My friend got engaged not long before Christmas, and although they're not planning their wedding until 2012, I've managed to convince myself that they'll be married and have a baby before Mr B and I.

It's not healthy, and it's doing my head in, but I think I might just have to let it take its course and hope the obsession goes before too long!

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