I'm Back!!

So, I'm back from France.

Unfortunately, I left my voice there, and picked up a monster of a cold, too.

As a result, I feel pretty crappy.


It was a great week. I learnt a lot about myself, my preferences and my beliefs.

Some of my discoveries were good, some were worrying, and all of them emotional.

For me, the learning won't stop because I'm home - last week was just the beginning.

I haven't really explained anything to Mr B, yet, and I know he's curious to know wtf's going on with me. And I'll tell him. When I find my voice.

And I'll tell all of you, too, when I find my bravery.

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  1. I'm completely curious to read about your discoveries. And I'm jealous that you got to go to France. I totally want to go, but I want to go there to go to Plum Village, which is a retreat set up by a buddhist monk. :)