I try, really hard, to be happy for people when they announce their pregnancies.

I try, really hard, to smile and be happy for them.

I try, I really do.

Back in June when my friend an ex-colleague told me about her pregnancy despite having always said that she didn't want children, I gave her the benefit of the doubt - maybe she'd said she didn't want children because actually she was desperate for them, and knew she was going to have problems conceiving. 

Maybe, by denying she wanted them, she was putting a barrier between her and the heartache involved in TTC. 

So, she's now 6 months on, and I saw these two posts on facebook yesterday:

Followed by:
Are you actually being serious!?

Do you have any idea how many people would give their arm and leg to have an expensive child?

Do you have any idea how much some people crave the sickness, the back ache, the clothes not fitting and everything else about your magical journey that you're complaining about?

I've really had to restrain myself from posting something on there that I might regret.

I may not be able to do it much longer if she carries on, though.

As a result of these posts, I've decided that perhaps she wasn't just saying she didn't want children. Maybe she genuinely doesn't want children. Maybe this baby was an accident.

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  1. Hi, I hope you don't mind me dropping in on your blog. I also suffer from PCOS and have my first IVF appointment in October. It is such a hard thing to go through when people say things like the above facebook posts and it seems that everyone is pregnant but you. I am always honest about my infertility issues as I find it easier to cope with my friends being pregnant. I tell them not to cut me out, but to understand that I will be a little jelous at times and thats only natural.

    I wish you good luck on your journey.