"...and it just happened!!"

A colleague at work announced this morning that she's 3 months pregnant.

I've suspected for a while - she's stopped smoking and drinking, been to the Drs a lot, stopped eating mayo and sea food, and someone else mentioned her "condition"... all the time she thought she was being secret squirrel and she was in fact super obvious.

Anyway, I'd sort of prepared myself for the announcement and thought it might be coming today.

What I hadn't prepared for, though, was her saying that she and her OH had decided to start trying, and she fell pregnant the first month. "It just happened!" she said "It's so exciting, and it happened really quickly".


I also wasn't prepared for the reaction of my other colleagues. I've just been asked whether it makes me broody and want a baby.

No, actually.

Because I've wanted a baby and been broody since I was 17.

I've been charting my temperature and obsessing over cervical mucus for months.

And Mr B and I have been at it like rabbits for almost 2 years in our quest to make a baby, with no joy.

So no, this announcement doesn't make me feel broody or want to try for a baby.

It makes me want to cry.

A lot.

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  1. Sending love Naomi. It sucks big bananas doesn't it, and unless you've been in the position it's difficult to umderstand..
    I hope you get your BFP soon xxxxx