Fricking Fertiles...

I mentioned last week that my colleague is pregnant. She's just over 3 months gone, and understandably very excited.

I preferred when it was a secret, but whatever. That's just me being mean, jealous, spiteful and selfish.

Anyway, I overheard her talking to my manager today. My manager's friend had to have IVF to conceive her first baby (who I think is less than a year old) and she's just found out she's pregnant again. It happened naturally, and totally wasn't planned.

Obviously, this has happened because she was "relaxed" about it....

Pregnant Colleague: "I really think you need to just get on with it. Y'know, don't worry about it, don't stress over it, and it'll happen. I mean, I know we didn't have any problems or anything, but I really believe that's the best way to do it"

Manager: "I think you're absolutely right. The more relaxed you are about it, the easier it is".

Seriously?! Try being relaxed and not stressing about it after you've been trying for nearly two years, and see how easy it is for you then.

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