Universal Truths

This week I've realised that it doesn't matter where I work, some things will always be true:

  • People will always disagree about the temperature of the office - some will be sweating while others (me!) will want the windows open for a bit of air
  • There are always people that you just can't trust. You know that when you tell one person something, you're actually telling at least 3.
  • At least two people will watch (and talk incessantly about) shite TV. I honestly don't care about EastEnders, Hollyoaks or the X Factor, and I definitely don't want to be involved in the debates going on around any of the plot lines. They're TV programmes, not real life. (And, seriously, don't call ME a loser because I don't watch any soaps... Especially when you follow that with the sentence "I get really depressed on a Wednesday when EastEnders isn't on")
  • No-one gets my packing-early-for-a-holiday thing. I'm getting better - I go a week on Saturday and haven't packed (or written a list) yet, but I am getting panicked about it.
Actually, though, I think that all says more about me than the people I work with, doesn't it???

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