So Exciting!!

Last week I met up with my friend, Mrs Mc, for a drink and a catch up.

Mrs Mc and her hubby have been trying for a baby since their wedding in 2007, with no joy. They went through all the tests, and discovered that Mr Mc's spermies weren't too healthy, so started IVF.

Whilst having the IVF treatment, they discovered that Mrs Mc wasn't producing eggs anymore, despite the fact that she's not menopausal and she still bleeds.

They've been on a waiting list for the past 2 years for a suitable egg donor. Once they have the donor, the egg will be "fertilised" with Mr Mc's sperm and transferred to Mrs Mc's womb, where hopefully it'll stick and be a baby Mc.

Mrs Mc and I are really open about out TTC struggles - I had a good ol' weep at her when we met up last week, actually - and she's probably the only person I have (IRL) that gets it. And possibly vice versa for her, too.

Anyway, I asked her how things were going and what the latest was, and she told me that


She's currently on treatment to get her cycle in sync with her donors but, all being well, the transfer should happen at the end of November. 
She could be almost 6 weeks pregnant by Christmas.

She actually knows, roughly, what her EDD is, and she's not even pregnant yet - how crazy is that?!

Oh, and it might be twins....

I am so fricking excited for them. Usually, the thought of one of my friends having a baby fills me with jealousy, but I'm honestly over the moon for them. I think because I know what a mission it's been for them.

I know there are still a lot of ifs, buts, maybes and obstacles that they have to face, but my fingers are firmly crossed for them.
And I've been promised lots of baby cuddles, too!

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  1. That's fab news Naomi :) fingers crossed here dor them too x