So Sad...

I'm a crier.

I cry a lot - when I'm sad, happy, angry or tired.

This week, I'm super tired. I think I'm missing the lazy days and regular siestas from last week.

I'm also a thinker. I over think things sometimes.

So, because I'm tired and thoughtful this week, I ended up having a cry last night.

I'd convinced myself I was a bad wife - I didn't want to cook dinner, I hadn't moved from the sofa after getting in from work, and (shock horror!) I still haven't finished unpacking my suitcase.

Mr B assured me that none of the above makes me a bad wife. I didn't believe him, so I got straight into the kitchen to rustle him up some dinner... a boiled egg sarnie!

1 comment:

  1. I often think I'm a bad wife, because i am not domesricated, i don't iron his clothes and i'd rather spend extra time with the girls than wash up! I'm assured that I am not a bad wife. Mr B married you for who you are, not because he wanted someone to have his tea on the table when he got home from work, just like my hubby did. Good job really cos he would never have married me!