Motivation, where've you gone!?

I just cannot be arsed to do anything at the moment.

I don't think it helps that work is pretty damn boring at the moment. For most of the past two days I've had NOTHING to do, and today's pretty much the same.

The irony is that in my last job I was constantly busy, sometimes with more work than I had time to do, which was crazy - especially considering that I worked a 50 hour week most weeks! I wasn't happy then either.

Although I wasn't happy because of the way I was treated and the work I was doing, rather than the being busy all the time. Being busy I can cope with. Being busy makes the day go faster. Being busy means I feel like I've accomplished something.

This, however, feels like the life is slowly being drained from me. It feels like the days are dragging, and the evenings and weekends are over in a flash.

This feels like I was lied to when I applied for the job...

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