Whoop Whoop!!

I was just chatting with my friend on Face.Book.

She has PCOS, too. She and her fiance have a 7 year old daughter, and they've been trying for another baby for as long as I've known her (about 6 years).

She had Ovarian Drilling in December, and she's just found out that she's pregnant. Maximum of 8 weeks, but she's not entirely sure on the dates.

I am so fricking excited for them!!

I'm also a little bit excited for me, too... She, like me, has a few pounds to lose, and it's really encouraging that they have finally managed to get a sticky bean. I feel like it's given me a bit more hope.

On the flip side, we went out for Mr B's 40th birthday with some of his friends. One of them is due to have her 4th baby within the next 2 weeks, and another is 12 weeks pregnant. The one who is 12 weeks pregnant is still smoking up to 20 cigarettes today.

It's her third baby, and she has smoked constantly throughout all of the pregnancies. She's 24, and when the baby's born, she'll have three children under 25.

One of my friends was there, too. She and her husband have struggled to have a baby for the past 3 years. She turned to me when the pregnant one went for a cigarette and said "do you ever feel that some people just aren't worthy".

That just about summed it up.

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