It should've been me...

As the oldest grandchild on my mum's side, I always thought that I'd be the one to make my grandparents great grandparents.

But, my cousin had a baby girl last week and beat me to it.

It shouldn't have come as a surprise - obviously we'd all heard that she was pregnant, but she's a compulsive liar, so nobody really knew if she was ACTUALLY pregnant. In fact, I think I found out that she was pregnant in November 2009. She was then pregnant throughout 2010... So I guess I just assumed that she'd be "pregnant" forever, with no baby actually arriving.

I was wrong.

My cousin isn't really one that we have anything to do with. As I said, she's a compulsive liar. My brother once overheard her telling someone the story of her engagement. They were in New York. He waited until the last night, when they stayed at the Plaza, took her for dinner and proposed in the restaurant. It sounded lovely. It sounded like MY engagement story. In fact, it WAS my engagement story. My brother totally caught her out on that one!

When she split from her apparently abusive fiance and had no where to go, my grandparents took her in because her mum didn't have room at her house.

She was supposed to stay there for a couple of weeks until she got herself sorted. She stayed for six months.

She racked up debts while she was there, and the bailiffs ended up knocking on their door and they've since been black listed.

She stole from my grandad.

And her ex got in touch to say that the bailiffs had been to him, too, and her debts were what had split them up, not him being violent.

They threw her out and they, and her mum, have had very little to do with her since. It wasn't long after that that we heard on the grapevine that she was pregnant. The chances are she doesn't know who the dad is, either...

She is, fundamentally, a horrible person with some serious issues.

And she's the one that got to make my grandparents great grandparents.

I deserve it more than her.

Mr B and I want a baby more than anything.

We're in a better position to have a baby.

I'm the eldest grandchild.

It should've been me.

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