A weekend of friendship

I've had a lovely weekend this weekend, catching up with old friends.

Mr B and I went out for dinner with my friend H and her boyfriend on Friday night, and then yesterday I spent the day with one of my oldest friends in London. Cath and I have been friends for 24 years - we went to preschool together.

And, although she only lives a 40 minute train journey away, we don't spend a lot of time together. But when we do, we really make the most of it!

We went to Camden Market, and spent most of the afternoon sat it a lovely little coffee shop eating delicious food, drinking coffee and catching up.

She is probably the one person that I am completely honest with about TTC. She is very into homeopathy and alternative therapies, too, so she's great for bouncing ideas off of about that sort of approach, too.

Anyway, we put the world to rights and it was lovely to catch up with her again.

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