My Week in France - Part Five

For the last afternoon of the course, we went sailing.

We all knew it was coming, but none of us really understood why. Some of us (me included) were quite nervous about it. (I'll be honest now, I won't be rushing to do it again! It's the second time within a year that I've been, and it doesn't get any better with experience!)

The day before the sailing, our trainer finally explained WHY we were going (I'd also learnt through the week that I'm a WHY person. Ask me to do something, and the first question I'll ask you is "Why?". I need to know why I'm doing something -what's the point behind it - otherwise I just don't buy into it. Anyway... )

The main reason we were going was because, for some of us, it would be a real challenge to get on a sailling boat. For others, it would be a challenge to leave the harbour, and for others it would be a challenge to sit at the front of the boat.

The afternoon was all about challenging ourselves. The trainer called it challenge by choice. If just sitting on the boat was enough of a challengefor us, then that was fine. If steering the boat was the challenge for someone else, then that was their choice and they could have a go at that.

I think it's fair to say that we all left our comfort zone on Friday afternoon. For me, the biggest challenge was actually getting on and off the boat. Standing on a tiny lip of boat, with the fear of falling in the water, or knocking myself out, was enough to make me feel sick. But I did it.

I lasted for the whole two hours. I endured the cold, the speed, and the fact that we were almost sideways in the water at some points.

And, when we got off the boat, and we were back on terra firma (doing aerobics in our jump suits in order to warm up!!) I felt really proud of myself.

You can check out a video of it here.

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