Well, yesterday I was in quite a lot of pain, and actually a bit ill, too, with the start of my period.

Today, though, the pain and sickness has gone, although the period hasn't!

I feel pretty shattered, but that's not unusual for a Monday, either.

I was disappointed that I didn't / couldn't make it to the gym yesterday, and it doesn't look like I'll get to go before weigh in on Wednesday, either. I've got a pretty busy week (and weekend) ahead, which is great socially, but not so great with the diet / exercise etc.

Work's pretty shoddy today, too. I came in to find 11 emails from one of the guys who is on leave this week, and a whole host of stuff to do for him. Thanks for the head's up on that one... The last email he sent actually told me to prioritise something that I wouldn't have usually prioritised so that it's done when he's back... I take it that means he won't mind if his clients haven't been contacted, so long as the other thing's done!?

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