A Little Headache...

So, last night four of us from work got together and had pizza night. Just a "quiet" night in with some home made pizzas and booze.


I really didn't drink that much, but I went to bed at midnight and was up again at 6 this morning. When I got up this morning, I felt fine. Now, 4 hours on, not so much.

I've got a headache, I feel a little bit sick and I'm absolutely shattered. So much so that I could do with a snooze. In the office.

And, what makes it even better is that I've got to work tonight. Until late. ish. I'm really not quite sure how I'm going to make it to lunchtime, let alone 11.30 tonight.

Oh, and to add to my discomfort I desperately need a poo (and have done for 24 hours) but have a fear of going in a public place. In fact, if it's not my house or my mum's house, there's no chance.

Roll on midnight tonight when I get home, go toilet, and crawl into my own bed.


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