A quick catch up

It's been a week or so since my last post. I think that's the longest I've gone
without a post unless I've been on holiday.
I don't really know why, either - I don't think the novelty has worn off...
I've certainly looked at it every day and thought "I really should post", but haven't
felt I've had much to say!
It's not much different this evening, in all honesty, except I'm bored of job hunting,
and need a little rant. Mr B's probably taken more than his fair share of ranting
over the past week or so, so you guys get it now!

Job hunt I have been (and continue to be) totally pissed off with my work for a while now, and although I've applied for lots, I haven't been successful in getting too many interviews so far. I was, however, invited to an interview with a company who had found my CV online. I thought that was a good sign straight off! The interview was last Thursday, and it went really, really well. I got on with them both really well, and the job was great - different enough from what I'm doing at the moment for it to be a challenge, but near enough for me to know what I was supposed to be doing. And only half an hour from my house. They said they'd let me know by Tuesday lunchtime at the latest.
I tried not to get too excited about it over the weekend, but really did think I had it in the bag. It wasn't meant to be, though - I got an email on Monday evening saying I'd been unsuccessful. I was gutted. Totally deflated. It wasn't anything I'd done, so that's positive, but the search starts again...

Diet. Well, that's gone out of the window! I've had a real craving for carbs for the past few days, and, unfortunately, I've succumbed to it. Stupid Mrs B! I was thinking about it today on the way home from work, and realised that it's pretty sad that I don't really have any photos of me on my honeymoon with Mr B. I was so self conscious, I would only let him take head and shoulder photos of me, and I've forbidden him from showing anyone any of the ones he snuck of me full length. I'm so embarrassed that I've let myself get so fat again, yet can't seem to do anything about it. I'm lazy and pathetic. What's it going to take for me to get off my arse and do something about it!?

Family My mum rang me in tears earlier in the week... She's broken up with her boyfriend (that's a really weird phrase to use when you're referring to your mum. She wasn't dating a boy, he was a man. Although, based on his maturity levels...) of 2 and a half years.
I really struggled with finding the appropriate reaction for that one - on the one hand I'm sorry for my mum, and I really don't want to see her sad and upset.
On the other, I wanted to jump for joy. I have never liked him, and have always thought she could do, and definitely deserved, better. This is the guy that took her to McDonalds for their first date. The drive thru - they didn't even sit in the "restaurant". I should also point out that he's 38, not 18, so there's no part of his brain that should've thought that was a suitable first date location. Equally, there's no part of her that should've accepted it, either.
I'll give her a couple of weeks to pull herself together, and then maybe the tough-love will come out...

Everything else...
England got through to the second round of the World Cup today, apparently.
This means that I've lost Mr B for at least 90 minutes on Sunday, and probably for a week or so after, while he's following what's going on. Brilliant - time with my hubby wiped

I had a period. Whoop! (Have I mentioned that already? Maybe, I don't remember). Four weeks after the last one, 14 days after ovulation. Awesome. I'm tracking my temperature again at the moment, and hoping to ovulate again later this week. Mr B and I are... "on it"!

Work is (obviously, from what I've said above) rubbish. I'm being totally patronised, and I'm starting to get holes in my tongue because of how much I'm having to bite it. I'm ready to walk, but can't afford to.

Anyway, that's enough rambling from me... Laters!

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  1. It was always so weird for me when my folks went through breakups. But as much as I hate the discomfort of dealing with a parents' breakup, I would welcome it any day from my mother because I can't stand her husband. Still feels wrong to have to comfort your folks though...

    Fingers crossed for a new work opportunity to show up!!!