I am SO glad that Friday is here!

This week seems to have gone on for a long time, so I'm very pleased it's over. And, to make a change, we have a pretty busy weekend, too!

Mr B and I are heading out this evening. It's a bit of a sorry-you-didn't-get-the-job meal, combined with an excuse for us to have a night out together. We're nipping home briefly to get changed, but I won't have time to get showered and made up, which is a shame, cos I'll end up feeling scummy after a day at work... I can't have it all, though!

Tomorrow I'm meeting my friend B, who I haven't seen in a loooonng time for lunch and then in the evening going to the in-laws for dinner. They're always inviting us for dinner, and I always find and excuse to put it off (that's a story for another day, though). Apparently, I can't put it off any longer - 6 months is too long! (Whatever. When was the last time we had dinner with my folks?!

Sunday Mr B will be watching the footy (I'm headed to the gym. England Vs Germany pretty much guarantees an empty gym!) and I'm cooking up a storm ready for the week ahead.

I'm quite excited about the weekend, actually...

Hope you've all got something exciting planned!

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