Bad things, good people

Why is it that bad things happen to good people? You never hear of someone horrible getting their just desserts, do you?

I heard from a friend last night that her sister had a still born baby boy 2 weeks ago. She was 5 months along. They had been trying for a year, she was diagnosed with PCOS and had also had an ovarian cancer scare at the beginning of the pregnancy. She'd been off work for the duration of the pregnancy. She did everything she was told to, but it just wasn't meant to be.

Then I had a text from my friend Mrs Mc that just said "I'll largely be consuming alcohol this Christmas". She didn't get a sticky after her transfer. After 2 rounds of IVF, this embryo donation was their final stab at the pregnancy thing. I'm devastated for them both.

She's said that all her hopes are with me, now. Pressure or what!

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  1. Lots of love to your friends, how debastating for them.
    Never give up hope tho. If nothing my beautiful girls are proof of that x