Nothing to report

So, I haven’t really had anything to report, which has been why there’s been nothing on here for a while.

That’s not really changed, to be honest, but I was feeling a bit guilty about the lack of posts, hence this one.

It’s been 2 weeks since my blood tests, and the results should’ve been back last week. I haven’t called to check, because I don’t fully understand what they were testing for, so don’t know what results I want! We’re still waiting for Mr B’s appointment for the SA to come through, too, but that should be anytime this week. Well, the letter should be any time this week, not necessarily the appointment.

Once that’s all done, we’ll get an appointment together to get all of our results.

AF arrived on Friday, 36 days after her last visit, which was quite exciting. However, FF isn’t convinced that I actually ovulated, so that’s not quite so exciting…

It has been incredibly painful, though, so I’ve made a mental note to speak to the Dr about that when I finally get an appointment – there must be some sort of painkiller that they can prescribe!

I’ve had a bit of a mental breakthrough on the diet front. I realised that part of my problem was / is that I’m bored with what we’ve been eating. Since April, I’ve pretty much had meat and two veg for every meal, with no real variation.

I spoke to my diet advisor last week, and she told me that there’s no reason that I can’t make things like bolognaises, stews and that sort of thing. So, Saturday’s dinner was a quorn bolognaise, and yesterday I bunged a whole lot of veg and chicken boobs into the slow cooker for a tasty stew. De-lish!

I’m waiting to hear from my friend, too – I think her eggs were implanted a week and a bit ago. I really hope they’re sticky…

It seems I did have stuff to report, after all!!!

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