Actual Outcome

So after a 45 minute wait at the surgery we finally got to see the doc yesterday.

I was petrified that she was going to laugh me out of the door, but as it happened my weight wasn't mentioned at all.

I have to go back for blood tests on Monday to test my Rubella status / hepatitis / AIDS and all that jazz.
She's said it's pointless trying to do a day 21 blood test, because how would we possibly begin to fathom where my day 21 is!?

Mr B has also booked another appointment to see her so that she can refer him for SA (sperm analysis) and he's going to see her on Saturday.

She said that the SA referral can be about 4/5 weeks, and the same again for getting the results back. Once all the results are back, we'll go from there. If the SA is all ok, it'll be a local gynea referral for lap and dye and clomid, if not a referral to a fertility clinic.

I feel really, really positive about it all. I feel like the ball has FINALLY started rolling, and because of that, I need to start properly sticking with the diet.

I feel like this is it, now - although the weight wasn't mentioned yesterday, it's going to be an issue somewhere down the line.

So, my target is to lose 8lbs by December 16th. That will be a total lost of 2stone.

I'm on it, like a car bonnet!!


  1. On it like a car bonnet - I have never heard that saying before. That made me laugh! Good luck to you both.

  2. I'm so pleased for your positive outcome. Good luck with the weight loss!