Once Upon a Time...

This week's been pretty mental... I had a migraine for the first three days of the week, so bad that on Tuesday night I couldn't really see...

Mr B came and laid on the bed with me, and I asked him to read to me. He wasn't up for that, so I suggested that we make up our own story. I started with "Once Upon a time..." and left it for him to finish.

Nothing. Nada. It was like there was just a big gaping hole where his imagination should be. He couldn't think of anything.

So I continued with "... there lived a beautiful princes..."

Still nothing. I ended up getting so frustrated with his lack of imagination that I told him to leave me alone, and I'd come up with my own story!!

Luckily, after almost 18 hours of solid sleep, my migraine had gone.

I've been headache free since mid-afternoon on Wednesday, and I love being in my own head again!! Such a relief!

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