Feeling Crafty!

Hello lovelies

So sorry it's been so long again. I literally don't know my arse from my elbow at the moment. It's nice that I'm busy, but equally frustrating. I'm incredibly tired, and don't remember the last time we had a weekend where we weren't doing something. And I think it's set to stay the same until the end of SEPTEMBER! Man, it's mental!

Anyway, in between starting a new job, being incredibly busy at the weekends, trying to get my arse in gear with losing weight and everything else going on, I have managed to do some crafting, which has proved quite therapeutic!

I found this via Pinterest and showed it to a friend whose brother was getting married. She was looking for something a bit different for a present for them and liked this, but wanted to do it herself... It turns out she's the least crafty person in the world, so she came to mine and I made it for her...

Her brother and his new wife loved it, so that made me quite happy, too! 

Once we'd made that, someone from (old) work saw it, and asked me to make some sort of calendar that her sister could use as a countdown to her wedding for the last 4 weeks. Again, thanks to Pinterest, I found this, and reproduced it to make this!

The lady that asked me to make it framed it and gave it to her sister yesterday at her hen do along with a dry wipe marker so that she can add to it for her last month as a Miss! 

I also made another hen do memory book this week, (as well as a penis pasta necklace), but I don't have pictures of either of those, unfortunately! 

I've got plans to make a present for the wedding (or maybe two, I'm not sure yet!). 

I'll keep you posted!

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