Chase, Chase, Chase

It's been just over 4 weeks since Mr B and I were at the consultants talking about where we go with our TTC journey.

The key things that we left the appointment with were:
  • The knowledge that the consultant would write GP and request a referral to a dietician
  • I was being referred to radiology for an ultrasound and HSG (within 6 weeks)
Last week, I thought I'd give my GP a call and see was there anything I needed to do about the dietician appointment.
The receptionist was a bit confused - dietician appointment? What dietician appointment?

Turns out they hadn't received the letter from the consultant yet.

I called the hospital. Yes, there was a note about the referral letter, but it hadn't been signed until the week before, so the GP should have it by the end of the week.

Friday came, and I decided to call the GP again to check that the letter had been received.

Yes, it had been received.

Had the referral to the dietician been done?

No. In fact, my doctor hadn't even see the letter, let alone sent the referral. The receptionist assured me that she'd make sure my doctor got to see it.

Great. How long was I likely to wait for the appointment to come through?

They weren't sure. It's anyone's guess.


This week, realising that it'd been 4 weeks since my appointment and that the radiology appointment should probably have come through by now, I decided to chase the radiology department.

They haven't received a referral for me. Nothing, nada.

So, I had to get back on the phone to the gynea department and see if THAT letter had been sent.

They've gone home. I'll have to call again on Monday.

Turns out that my assumption that everything would tick along nicely was a misjudged one....

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