The C Word

I went to see my mum for a couple of days, and stopped in to see my dad and his wife and see how she was getting on.

She's having the breast removed on the 21st July.

She's been asked to cut down on her cigarettes. She's a big smoker (50+ per day) and they want her down to 5 a day. Maximum.

Mr B and I were there an hour and as we left, she was lighting up her 5th cigarette. I'm pretty sure they weren't the first (or last) five that she smoked yesterday.

It totally pisses me off.

I won't be given any help with my fertility unless I've lost 6stone, because the chances of the drugs / IVF working aren't as high if I'm fat, but they won't refuse her treatment for her cancer because she doesn't stop smoking.

Maybe that's something the NHS should think about - not dishing out the treatment so easily to cancer patients who can't be bothered to stop smoking or drinking (don't even get me started on the box of wine a daya that she drinks...).

Anyway, rant over.

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