Are you REALLY that arrogant?!

Although I handed in my notice on Monday, I didn't actually give my boss any real reasons. We were supposed to then catch up on Thursday and talk it through, but I got snowed in, so that didn't happen.

I ended up in the office on Friday morning with one of my directors. Until Friday, he hadn't actually acknowledged my resignation, but on Friday morning he decided he wanted to talk about it and try and understand my reasons.

It didn't quite work out like that, though - turns out he can't get his head round the fact that I'm prepared to leave a job without a new one to go to. He assumed that something must've happened in my personal life for me to make the decision (the only thing that's happened is that I decided I didn't want to be unhappy any more). Next he asked me if Mr B had had a big pay rise that meant I could afford not to work (he hasn't, and I can't).
When I'd finished telling him all the reasons I'd decided to leave, he told me that they all sounded like personal reasons, and that they weren't really anything to do with the company, so there's nothing that they can do as a company to make changes for other people.

Turns out, he didn't listen to the bit where I told him that I didn't think there was any progression for me there. Or the bit when I told him I was frustrated with the way they dangle carrots all the time and constantly makes the stick longer. Or the bit where I said they're all about the talk, and less about the action, which is really annoying.

My boss has also said that he had no idea that I was so unhappy. Turns out he didn't take me seriously at all when I told him, only 6 weeks ago, that I was ready to walk out because I was so incredibly unhappy. I'm sure that's probably my fault, too, but we'll see what happens after my conversation with him tomorrow.

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