Ah, it's Friday! Brilliant!

Having said that, it's been the slowest day of the week so far. And you can bet your bottom dollar that the weekend will fly by.

I've yet to spend any real time with the blog (as you can tell!), or to really decide where it's heading, but I think the chances are I'll use it to document my weight loss and TTC (trying to conceive). Hopefully (finger's crossed!) I'll also have stories of pregnancy and babies, too!

Tomorrow is my third weigh-in at Rosemary Conley this year. Last week I'd lost 3lbs, but I doubt I'll have been that lucky this week. In fact, the chances are I've gained what I'd lost last week! I started off the week badly, having a night out with my friend where I ate (and drank!) far more than I'd anticipated, and then it spiralled from there.... We'll just have to see, I guess!


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