Nailed it!

I paint my nails a lot, and I have loads of nail polishes, but I hate it when they chip

Last September I had 3 weddings in 10 days. Yikes! Rather than painting my nails every time and worrying about chipped polish, I decided to treat myself and get a Shellac manicure. They cost £20 (ish), but should last two weeks.

Perfect for my little wedding bonanza.

Or it would've been, if they hadn't peeled off after three days.

In all fairness, I think it's more me than the manicure - I had acrylics done once that only lasted 4 days.

In the interest of making the most of how I look for my 10in2013 challenge, I've started to paint my nails more regularly.

A couple of weeks ago I found this guide on Pinterest (FYI - totally in love with Pinterest!).

I had some birthday money left over, so decided to buy the stuff needed to see how I got on.

I followed the instructions from the directions exactly. It's time consuming, but so worth it! 

My nails look really nice, and the finish is awesome! I've done it a few times now, and I'm really impressed. 

Now. the instructions, and a lot of the comments on the blog say that doing your nails like this will mean they last as long as a Shellac manicure. As I said earlier, my Shellac manicure only lasted 3 days. And unfortunately, so did these. 

BUT - and this is a massive but - I didn't have a single chip in any of my nails for the duration of the mani. They lifted just like the Shellac did, so I still think it's an issue with me rather than the process. And for me, it's great - it means the nails don't chip, but I can change them up a couple of times a week. 

If you're near a Sally's, I'd definitely say the £12 investment (for the Gel Coat and Top Coat) is worth it. 

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