Super quick

I know its been an age since I posted. I was getting good, too!

I sort of got myself into a bit of a funk, so I've been hibernating a bit.

The weight isn't coming off in quite the way I'd hoped, but the exercise is meaning that my shape is changing. When my trainer measured me a week ago, I had lost a total of 19 centimeters - 12 of those from around my waist, which is both awesome and very encouraging.

Frustratingly, the way my clothes fit isn't what the Dr is looking at...

I'm back for a re-do of my hsg in a week - they refused to do it at my last appointment, but that's a whole new post - and its only 9 week to my follow up. I'm not hopeful.

Anyway, out with Mr B this evening for dinner, so must go beautify!

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