Have you tried...

I've always been really honest with people about my PCOS and how it affects me.

It hasn't really occurred to me that it wouldn't be the same when we started on the baby making path. Mr B would probably prefer that I didn't talk to our friends about it (although he knows I do), but so long as I don't talk abou tit to them in front of him, he's ok about it.

What has amazed me about it has been some of the comments that I've had about it from people that I thought would know better.

For example, my mum text me to say "[My colleague] who has PCOS said to try Agnus Castus and Evening Primrose...".
Thanks Mum. I've tried that.

Another friend text me to tell me that her friend (who has PCOS) is pregnant for the second time and she used the fertility friend app. Maybe I should give that a go.
Thanks buddy. I subscribed 2 years ago.

I think people forget that, although we're only just starting to get the doctors involved, we have been trying this for a while. Over 2 years in fact. I've taken the supplements. I've charted my temperatures and checked my cervical mucus. I've tried tipping myself upside down after we've done the deed. We've tried doing it every day. We've tried doing it every other day.

I know they're only trying to help, but it makes me want to scream!!

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  1. I understand from many different levels. I have PCOS, my husband and I tried for 19 months before we successfully got pregnant with our son (who was born 11/2/11). We heard everything and tried everything. The only thing that helped was Clomid. We heard everything from positions to vitamins. It was overwhelming and overplayed. My sister, who has Multiple Sclerosis hears the same thing from people, this is a disease that has no cure but my in laws have to chime in saying that taking cinnamon pills will cure her of symptoms and all of this other ridiculous stuff. It upsets me the most because they barely know my sister and it's hard enough for her to talk about it to her blood relatives let alone semi-strangers. People need to know when it's time to take a step away from all the suggestions and just be there as supports as opposed to suggesters.